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Diagnosing and Treating Breast Disease

When you hear about breast disease, you might assume that we’re talking about breast cancer. After all, it’s the most common breast disease, affecting about 13% of all women. It can also develop in men, but it’s known to be about 100 times more prevalent in women. 

Yet breast disease isn’t just about cancer. Your breasts can have other disorders, as well. In some cases, you may feel an irregularity in one or both of your breasts, which should alert you to schedule an appointment with our medical team right away. 

But in other cases, medical concerns in your breast don’t always have symptoms. That’s why regular breast screenings are so crucial.

Dr. Jacob Rinker is a board-certified surgeon who leads our professional team in treating breast disease. At Wyoming Medical Associates in Gillette and Casper, Wyoming, we have the expertise and experience to accurately diagnose and treat you effectively, as needed.

Diagnosing breast disease

To monitor the health of your breasts or to diagnose an irregularity, we may perform common tests, including:


An ultrasound uses sound waves to create pictures of the inside of your breasts, giving us a clear picture of any abnormalities.


A mammogram is a detailed X-ray that allows us to identify lumps or other irregularities.

Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)

An MRI scan takes pictures of the inside of your breasts using a magnet connected to a computer.


To perform a biopsy, Dr. Rinker takes a sample of tissue or fluid from the targeted area then observes it under a microscope. Different biopsies include:

All of these tests can help Dr. Rinker determine whether you have a benign or malignant breast disease.

Treatment for breast disease

We treat all breast diseases, whether you have breast cancer, fibrocystic breasts, fibroadenomas, fat necrosis, or sclerosing adenosis. 

For example, if you simply have an infection in your breast, then we can prescribe an antibiotic. Or if you have fatty lumps, we can surgically remove them.

If you have breast cancer, our treatments might include:

We carefully examine your options and work together to determine the best treatment for you.

To schedule your breast screening today, contact our team by phone or using the online booking tool to request an appointment. You can also access our telehealth service for a consultation.

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